About EveryName.com


What is EveryName.com?

EveryName.com is a revolutionary system that solves the biggest problem in the name industry – not providing every name on a personalized souvenir display. Now customers who can’t find their name on a display can order it right from their smart phone. Customers are happy, and because you receive compensation for the sale, you’ll be happy too!

How does EveryName work?

Each display has a topper that includes both a QR code and 4-digit access code, allowing customers the option of scanning the QR code or manually entering the 4-digit access code on the site. These unique codes tell us which store the customer is ordering from and what design they want.

The customer simply enters a name, shipping and payment info, and the product is produced and shipped quickly – usually in one business day.

Why is EveryName a big deal?

The average name program display holds names of about 50% of the population. In diverse markets, that percentage is even lower. Although name programs are very profitable, we don’t want to limit our stores’ sales.

With EveryName, customers can order any name imaginable right from their smart phone in your store. Grandparents who shop for their grandkids’ names can find more common names on your display and purchase unique names from EveryName.

Friends who want to remember a vacation can order custom pieces together. Customers with Brazilian, or Japanese, or French names can now get their precise spelling on a souvenir! There are no limits to what can be ordered!

Each EveryName purchase benefits you just like an in-store purchase. Because we know where each sale originates, we give your store credit in the amount you would have profited from an in-store sale (Your credit = retail price – wholesale cost). This credit accumulates with each EveryName purchase made through your access code.

When you place a re-order for your display, your EveryName credit will be applied to your invoice. It’s like getting a discount on every re-order without doing anything!

What if a customer orders from EveryName after they’ve left my store? Do I still get credit for the sale?

Yes! Regardless of location, the customer will still need to enter the unique access code associated with your store and you will receive compensation for the sale.

Is there a way for me to check my credit balance?

Yes! Very soon, you will be able to log on to EveryName.com and create a user account. You may log on to your account any time to see a history of credit earned and any credits already applied to invoices.

How do EveryName orders ship?

EveryName orders ship directly to your customer, not to your store. Orders ship via the United States Postal Service from Utah. Most orders ship in one business day.

Am I responsible if a customer is dissatisfied with their EveryName purchase?

Of course not. Each EveryName purchase is shipped with instructions to contact us directly if there are questions about the order.

Can EveryName ship orders outside of the US?

Currently, no. We hope to add this feature very soon. EveryName will be able to ship globally to 180 countries. Additional shipping charges will apply.

Are there limitations to EveryName?

EveryName reserves the right to reject any submission we deem to be obscene, vulgar, profane, racist, sexist or offensive in any way. Rejected purchases will be refunded.

Is there a cost to upgrade my existing display to the EveryName program?

There is no initial cost to upgrade your display with the EveryName feature. We will ship you a new display topper free of charge.

Still have questions?

Please refer to our contact page. We’re quick to respond and happy to help!

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